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Mud Plaster

Since 2008 Becky has been developing her work with Mud Plaster. This came out of her interest in environmental issues. She wanted to work with natural, sustainable and recycled materials and avoid using plastics.

To date she has produced 3 public artworks including 2 sculptures and 1 large relief mural which are now on permanent exhibition at St Helens World of Glass Museum and St Frances De Sales Junior School Liverpool. Two of these were created in collaboration with Year 5 Pupils of the school.

Mud Plaster works can be produced in several ways: applied directly onto a wall; applied to 3D sculptural shapes and armatures; or applied to panels for wall mounting. Becky’s work includes elements of mosaic using recycled mirror, glass, beads and other found objects. Her own work combines elements of international textile prints and repeating geometric patterns found within nature and architecture. Her work is bold, colourful, striking, and finished to a high standard.

Becky can be commissioned to produce indoor or outdoor works.