Becky's 2 Olympic sculptures have just been auctioned to raise money for London charities. St Pauls Mandeville (left) sold for £4841 and Bishopsgate Wenlock (right) sold for £5445.

In October 2012 Becky will be working on the Liverpool Lantern Parade at Halloween in Sefton Park, Liverpool. She will be running community workshops helping particpants to make lanterns for the parade.

In Autumn Term 2012 Becky will also be working with several schools this term on projects working with Yr 6 students.

In June 2011 Becky's Rhino Rhin’o’clock sold for £1950 in the Wild in Art Auction.

Becky is currently working on developing more mud plaster work and will exhibit them in 2013.

Becky delivered workshops for Liverpool Halloween Lantern Parade throughout October 2010

Becky is working with several schools delivering Projects, creating work for Installations and GCSE coursework.